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  • 3 Play - Djevdjelski Coček / Dejan's Coček #music @GorgeousCoffee

    3 Play performing Djevdjelski Coček and Dejan's Coček (Cerimovic) medley @GorgeousCoffee in Victoria BC. Russ …

    The Aaron Murray Project playing live at Gorgeous Coffee

    The Aaron Murray Project - live at Gorgeous Coffee (February 28, 2014) with excerpts from Adeline, Melody That Lingers, Lasq…

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Gorgeous Coffee shared Andrew Johnson's event. ...

Equanimity - A House Concert w/ Doctor Earth Funk & The Spectrum Of Love

August 23, 2014, 7:00pm - August 24, 2014, 1:00am

524 Cecelia Rd, Victoria, BC

Welcome Family, This exchange is by donation ~ Bring a cushion & bring a friend ~ Please arrive between 5 and 6 for the potluck, bring fruit and/or veggies please ~ No alcohol ~ Contact me for more details & directions ~ You are appreciated and welcomed into our home for this intimate gathering of travelling magicians and wayseers, change canons of all forms and the medicine that streams from these powerful beings. Together we witness and create this transformative experience. We ask you to join us as we take a journey through time and space, through the realm of infinite potentiality and into the great beyond, and as we enter into our creative flow state and allow the vibration of the universe to sound through our bodies, to show us our true purpose and alignment, constantly changing, we become aware of each step we take, we discover. We'll begin the festivities with a potluck starting at 6pm, and around 7 - a concert will begin. Tanya Devine and Ocian Flo will be with us through rejuvenation and rebirth with didgeridoo and crystal bowls, moving into story time with the great tale tellers Coco and Owen, followed by Henry Shanks with the cosmic beat of the hang drum - coming to full circle with a psychedelic fusion of acoustic earth funk streamed from the third eye of a wanderer. There will be live painting by Constance Valentina and an interactive glow art creation shared by Owen Parnell. You are encouraged to free your bodies to join in the vibration of co-creation and transcending limitations. Closing the night with some community circle music making magic, we will then have the opportunity for carpooling to the beach to continue the party into the morning, to be with the sun as its dawns. Please wait to drink until this time. The Spectrum Of Love, as well as being all of the artists sharing their stories with you on this night, is in reality, each and every moment that is, life and light, death and dark, yin and yang - the unnamable unknowable eternal. I have chosen to use the name Doctor Earth Funk as a sort of sincere but not too serious way of expressing myself after the ceremony of my dancing for the first time in October of last autumn. Since this great letting go, the shift in my conscious thinking has shown reflection in all aspects of my life, the music I create, what it does and how I have been sharing it. Summer is almost over now and the seasons continue to change, it is time for nurturing and nourishing, for cultivating and harvesting. The intention for this gathering is in equanimity, pure potentiality and transcending limitations. As you know, your donations are more than just tokens, your monitude ~ is more than just an exchange symbol.. We can use these tools together, so let us see what we will create. This community, strong and engaged, has welcomed me and I am happy and honoured to be here. All of the monetary gratitude donated to this happening will be shared evenly among five artists and used to pay for equipment and overall discovery space for the continuation of what we do together, as it grows into that which shapes the way we shape and empower others to empower others. 6:00 - Community potluck 7:30 - The Journey begins with Tanya Devine & Ocian Flo 8:30 - Story time with Coco and Owen 9:00 - Cosmic hang drum with Henry Shanks 9:30 - Psychedelic sojourn with Andrew Johnson 10:30 - Circular music making, complete co- creation This gathering is held by donation, thank you for your gifts and your energy exchange, for your encouragement and appreciation. Until we meet again - Weeeeoooooooo! I Love You! I See You!

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We are getting ready for Doc MacLean...Auto Jansz has been practicing her "blues" and is ready to open for the Wednesday August 20 event...You might want to think about getting here a little early... ...

With Auto Jansz.

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Gorgeous Coffee shared a link. ...

Written about a month ago (July '14), I feel this song is one of the most accurate depictions of my struggles with depression that I've ever been able to write. I've heard many folks say that it's qui

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Doc MacLean is in BC-and heading for Gorge-ous Coffee - ...

Through the high, dry country of British Columbia to the coast. Wednesday is Gorgeous Coffee in Victoria, Thursday is the Duncan Showroom in Duncan, Friday is Char's Place in Port Alberni, Saturday is Stoney Hill- Maple Bay... Then a week in the Vancouver area...

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Gorge-ous Art updated their cover photo. ...

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Now on at Gorgeous Coffee is the photography work by Gorge-ous Arts own curator, Lori Lalli.
"Focal Point" runs from July 7th - August 31st 2014. So come check out the show, grab a beverage, and enjoy! All photographs are for sale.

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